From time to time, buyers and sellers will disagree. Typically these disputes are settled easily and informally. When the parties are unable to resolve the issue thoughts turn to litigation.

The Home Seller/Home Buyer Dispute Resolution (mediation) System (DRS) gives buyers and sellers a method to resolve disputes without litigation. Mediation is more efficient, economical and less confrontational than litigation.

Mediation Transmittal Form (includes Rules and Regulations)

The Mediation Transmittal Form is necessary to initiate the Dispute Resolution System process. Please be sure that names and addresses of all parties are included. Be sure to attach the following pages to the agreement of sale; the first page showing the parties to the agreement, the page containing the mediation clause, and the last page with the signatures of the parties.

In addition to submitting the completed Mediation Transmittal Form, a non-refundable administrative fee of $50, payable to Suburban West REALTORS® Association is also required.

Should you have any questions regarding mediation, please contact Paula Tansey at or call 610-560-4800.


Mediation Transmittal Form
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