Each year, REALTOR® offices of the Association have the opportunity to appoint an Association Liaison who can help us achieve the goal of assisting their fellow agents with the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing industry. As an Association Liaison, the active member represents the Association within their office and disseminates Association information as well as provides industry news to their fellow colleagues.


  • Association Liaison program is designed to foster future volunteer leaders.
  • Liaison plays an integral role in assisting members with the tools and support needed to succeed.
  • Program ensures members are informed of all the resources available from the Association to be a skilled professional, regardless of experience in the business.

2019 Association Liaison nominations are now live! Your broker has received notification on the Liaison nomination process.

If you are interested in becoming an Association Liaison for your office in 2019, please have your broker or office manager contact to Kristin Tornetta at ktornetta@suburbanwestrealtors.com.