REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) is NAR’s exclusive online real estate database and is free benefit to REALTORS®. A robust national database of every parcel of property in the United States, RPR empowers REALTORS® to provide detailed accurate information to their clients and customers.

**NOTE: RPR does not replace TREND but rather provides additional tools. RPR is not a national MLS, and will carry no offers of cooperation and compensation.


RPR offers many tools and features to help REALTORS® be more informed and increase their efficiency in the market place, including:

  • comprehensive compilations of property data in one application;
  • unique tools and analytics;
  • side-by-side comparisons of listing history;
  • integration of RPR with TREND MLS data;
  • high quality property and market data;
  • free tax and assessment data.

Benefits of RPR

Why use RPR to enhance your business?

  • Provide detailed historical and current views of properties to clients, utilizing RPR’s robust collection of data.
  • Leverage accurate and advanced search tools to more accurately and speedily serve your client.
  • Conduct nationwide property searches and provide clients with market-to-market comparisons of each property listing.
  • Differentiate yourself from real estate licensees with REALTOR-only access to tools and services to best serve your client.
  • Generate and customize demographic reports and market analyses for listing presentations.

Start Using RPR

Why wait? Begin using RPR today. It’s as easy as setting up your account by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to the RPR Website
  2. Under the login information, click on the link “Create Account”
  3. Use your individual NRDS Number (contact SWRA at 610-560-4800 for your NRDS number or click here to look it up on NAR’s website)
  4. Use your individual TREND ID Number – access your TREND account and search for your name in the directory for your TREND ID number
  5. Follow the rest of the instructions to set up your account

If you have any difficulties with your NRDS or TREND ID during the setup, please email Steve Farace at or call 610-560-4800.


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