The Suburban West REALTORS® Association exclusively makes available to its members the option of leasing Supra Keypads (eKey) and purchasing Electronic Lockboxes (iBox) for use on listings. The electronic lockbox system is the most safe, secure and accountable way of providing entry into listings.

Members interested in using the electronic keypad and lockbox system are required to visit the Suburban West office in-person to obtain their key (eKey service) and electronic lockbox (iBox).

NOTE: Members are not required to use electronic keypads or lockboxes in their business, but for security purposes, members should never borrow or lend their keypads or lockboxes to others. 


Use your smartphone as your key! Supra eKey gives agents, accurate, timely access and management for leads, listing and property access. The Supra eKey is compatible with the several phones including the following phones; Android and iPhone. Click here for complete list of phones and devices.


  • One-time Activation Fee – $50.00
  • Basic Service* – $15.43 a month OR Professional Service* – $25.65 a month (this monthly charge is automatically debited from your account on 21st of the month by Supra and cannot be paid annually)

*Click here for Basic Service features. Click here for Professional Services features.

Electronic iBox BT LE Lockboxes

The Supra Electronic iBox BT LE is the device that is placed on properties in order to secure access to the keypad of the house. Lockboxes can only be accessed through the use of a Supra Electronic keypad (ActiveKey or eKey). Please note that only REALTORS® who have leased the Supra ActiveKey or eKEY through the Suburban West REALTORS® Association are eligible to purchase lockboxes:


  • One-time Purchase -$116.60 (includes tax)


Members who utilize the eKEY (the service that works on your phone) will be able to access the iBox BT LE boxes using just the current eKEY app on their phone without the fob.  Unless you have an iPhone 4 or older, Android and iPhone users (iPhone 4S and above) can use the app and the Bluetooth functionality of their phone to open the iBox BT LE boxes.  Note that in order for the iBox BT LE to communicate via Bluetooth with your phone, the Bluetooth must be on on your phone AND the iBox BT LE must be activated.  Activation of the Bluetooth on the iBox BT LE occurs by pressing up on the key container at the bottom of the box until the red light begins blinking on the front of the box.  The device can then interact via Bluetooth with your phone.  However, note that you have 30 seconds to begin that interaction (Obtain Key, Release Shackle) or the Bluetooth will turn off (a battery saving feature of the boxes).

It is strongly recommended that eKEY users continue to have their fob in their possession in case you encounter older iBoxes in the field that have not been switched to the new iBox BT LE.



Members who still utilize the ActiveKEY (the small grey key) can continue to access the iBox BT LE like they’ve done with the previous iBoxes.  ActiveKEY users simply enter in their pin code or shackle code and point the ActiveKEY at the infrared window on the front of the box.  ActiveKEY users should NOT turn on the box activate the Bluetooth (the light begins blinking red on the box).  If this is done accidentally, please wait 30 seconds until the Bluetooth automatically shuts down on the box and retry.

Additional questions or interested in obtaining an eKey or electronic iBox, please contact Tina Lavelle at or John Barbone at or call 610-560-4800.

Require support outside of Suburban West operating hours?  Please contact Supra technical and billing support directly at 877-699-6787. Support is available 8am to 10pm daily, seven days a week.


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